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What is an IDO?

IDO is the successor of ICO and IEO. IDO, or Initial DEX offerings are a type of crowdfunding, where a project distributes IDO coins through a DEX platform. It is important to understand that DEX is a decentralized liquidity exchange is a crypto exchange that uses the liquidity pool's benefits to conduct IDO. In this blog, we?ll be going to learn about IDO, its benefits, and how you can do IDO.



What are Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have become a buzzword recently. The rise in prices of the various cryptocurrencies has brought unprecedented attention towards it lately. Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to participate in it too and I am sure that even you one such person. But do you know what exactly cryptocurrency is and how does it work? Do you what the underlying is?



Are cryptocurrencies Safe and Legal?

Since cryptocurrencies are a relatively new thing there are lots of mixed opinions out there on cryptocurrencies, which not only deters new individuals from testing out the waters but also hampers the complete acceptance of the cryptocurrencies. I am sure that you will have questions regarding its safety as an investment and about its legality and in this blog post I am going to talk about it in detail.



What is an ICO?

The crypto space has been on an unprecedented boom lately and it finally garnered the attention it deserved. With this boom we have seen a lot of ICOs coming up with various innovative projects, but what are these ICOs actually?



History of Money

The concept of money has evolved with time and the idea and value of money was different during the stone age and is completely different at present. At the moment, Bitcoin is hailed to be the best human invention and also the future of our civilization, but why exactly? In order to understand this, I will take you into the past and will show you the concept of money has evolved throughout the generations



Why were cryptocurrencies introduced?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole is the next step that we humans have taken in the monetary system. I?ll consider that you know what cryptocurrency is, what blockchain is, and how each one of them works but, do you know why all this was introduced in the first place? In this blog post, I am going to discuss just this.


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