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Verasity was recently in news because it has granted a patent for its flagship algorithm called Proof-Of-View, and also making an entrance using this into the NFTs marketplace.


Using Proof-of-View, now content creators can differentiate fake views from real views on the blockchain that allows the content creator to flourish in the content market.


Verasity also made some innovative projects, like the Video-on-Demand platform, EFC video player, and also acquired the VOD content for its platform.


In this blog, 


We will discuss everything about Verasity, and its algorithm Proof-Of-View, and its uses in the NFTs marketplace.


What is Verasity and VRA coin?

What Verasity VRA has offered to us?

What Verasity VRA coin has done?

Recent developments

What is the future of Verasity (VRA) crypto?

Is VRA a good investment?

What do you think about the VRA token?


A decade ago if you asked any experts about investing money in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, they would have laughed over you, but the tides have turned now.

Cryptocurrency is unarguably the next big thing in this global financial order, it all starts with Bitcoin, it laid the foundation, and then Ethereum made a castle over it.


Now there are more than 5000 kinds of Cryptocurrencies are in circulation according to coinmarketcap, like Qtum, Paxos, Algorand, Fantom, etc and it is becoming more and more stubborn, I can confidently say that they are here to stay. 


Many blockchain technologies have some exciting projects in the real world, which are making difference.


Verasity and its VRA  coin are among such projects.


What is Verasity and VRA coin?


What is Verasity and VRA coin?


To understanding Verasity, we have to understand the reason behind its existence, it is well-known fact that the way of viewing videos over the internet has changed significantly. People nowadays focus on independent creators on free platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo


But with these apps or websites, the biggest problems were for advertisers, because of ad-blocking software, bots, and fake views, their ad never reaches the audience, not only that, their personal data was also collected by such platforms and provided it to scientists of various big companies for research purposes.


And due to that, content creators, publishers, and small corporations in these existing mainstream sites get a small fraction of the value, a large part goes to these big platform companies, and nowadays various mediums and middlemen asking for their cuts in the money, and demand higher quality content.


Verasity encountered this problem and came with an innovative solution that can save all the content providers from fake views.


Verasity is a video and gaming-based platform, in that content creators can earn rewards in the form of VRA tokens for thier content. 


Instead of making a new video player, it designed itself to integrate into existing platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Vimeo, and many others.

Verasity is a high-performance blockchain technology that enables a transparent economy powered by a new token called VRA coin, and it can eliminate fake ads and views with the USA patented Proof-of-View technology.


Proof of view is a protocol used in blockchain technology that makes sure that views of a video on the platform are authentic,

This authentic information is verified and recorded as a permanent public record in the database. So in simple words, this Proof-of-View technology reduces the problem of fake views in the video platform industries.




What Verasity VRA has offered to us?


What Verasity VRA offering to us


1. Watch the video and earn

When any content creator or corporation uploads their videos on any platform, the process of making money starts, everyone got their cut from that video; only viewers don’t get any money to view content.

The biggest benefit of Verasity is that once you’ve signed up and created a Verasity wallet, you will be able to earn VRA by watching videos, and ads on Verasity will be strictly choice-based. User has the choice to watch advertisement and Advertisement Company will directly send payments to users as appreciation amount.


2. Money making contents

VRA token is Verasity’s utility token, which will run on Verasity’s blockchain. Viewers and content creators will use VRA as a form of currency and has various models for funding like:


Free to view – Creators receive individual VRA donations from viewers who view their content.


Pay per view – The creator has the power to set a certain value of VRA so that viewer or user will pay it to unlock any video. But still, on this, the viewer will be able to view a short preview.


Monthly subscription – creators can charge a monthly VRA fee for their paid content.

Advertising – ads are entirely optional for the viewer, but if you watch them you can earn VRA which you can use to pay for various contents.


What Verasity VRA coin has done?

What Verasity VRA coin has done

Verasity launched in 2019, and so far in this year, it has risen almost 100x times. The Verasity coin opened in 2021 trading at $0.0004482, but now VRA crypto has valued at approximately $0.01047. It has a market capitalization of $43m makes it the 452nd largest cryptocurrency at the time of writing.

It is among the best performing cryptocurrency in Q1 of 2021.


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Recent developments

Verasity VRA recent developments

So far, 2021 has been great for Verasity, they got their flagship algorithm Proof-Of-View patented. They launched various products and projects in the first quarter of 2021, like the Video-On-Demand sharing platform, and it also acquired content for VOD, also launched the Esports Fight Club video player.


In the second and third quarters, they organized branded tournaments for influencers and streamers on their platform, and also launched an in-game advertisement with a gaming partnership.

In the fourth quarter, they have got NFTs, which is quite a big thing for Verasity,


(NFTs stand for Non-Fungible tokensit is a piece of art in digital form which means, it is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example- if you have 10 rupees you can change it with two 5 rupees coin, it will have the same value, but with NFTs this is impossible, NFTs has unique properties so it cannot be interchanged with something else, just like Monalisa painting but it provides a chance to various artists around the world to create their art digitally.


Previously NFT faces various challenges but according to Verasity-


The proof-Of-View can solve the NFT's challenges by creating transparent and unchangeable records of the NFT.


They’ve also launched the EFC store and VRAwallet mobile apps.


What is the future of Verasity (VRA) crypto?


Many people ask such questions as Can the Verasity (VRA) coin hit $1? Well, let me tell you that, Verasity’s VRA token is among the good investment. Its token is functional and potentially profitable. 


Verasity not only has an impressive vision but also has dedication towards their plan and they already have released products with proper planning and roadmap.


For Q2 they planned an upgrade that will integrate through PoV enabled smart contracts. If everything goes according to plan then, this will be the most supported blockchain technology in future days because of its customer-centered projects.


I think this coin could be closing this 2021 year near the $0.1 price point. In few years, I am not a financial advisor but one thing I can tell you, that is you do not have gold, not a diamond but platinum in hand if you hold this for a long period of time.


Is VRA a good investment?


Future point of view is Verasity is a good investment


Look, the world has $400B advertisement industries, and approx. $160B wasted through ads watched by bots, and this is the main problem not only for advertisement companies, but also for advertisement providers, and content creators. 


So sooner or later people will realize this problem and they will move towards such cryptocurrencies which not only save their money from being wasted but also provide money to the video viewer himself only by seeing videos.


Just think about it if Verasity covers only the 10% percent market of that wasted $160B ads market. It will be a huge profit for investors. So in my opinion you should have to invest in Verasity token for a long-term goal. I m telling you just give it two to three years from now and you’ll have platinum in your hand.


What do you think about the VRA token?


I truly think in two years or maybe sooner it will have some positive impact. Why? Simply because it is consistent and it has a good reputation over the years, it has patented Proof-of-View on its side. Let me tell you one more thing, Verasity has recently applied for a new patent, in which they can use NFT’s to host patents globally. 


Verasity has all, a perfect planned roadmap, a systematic flagship algorithm, and use cases like EFC. It also has partnered with various video player platforms. All in all, I think it has a very bright future ahead.

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