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In the last few years, blockchain has changed how we think about money and made it possible for us to own things that aren't physical. Bitcoin is the first use case for blockchain that worked out well and now, some people are thinking that they can come up with new ideas to using bitcoin as a digital representation of money.


But it isn't just bitcoin that is being changed into digital assets now. It has spread to every part of finance.


A lot of new cryptos are coming, NFTs are going crazy, and now NFT games are becoming very very popular!


In this blog, I will tell you about NFT games and how you can make money with them.


What are NFTs?

How do NFT games come into space?

How does it work?


Gaming has always been a centrally controlled platform.


Those who play know that it takes a lot of effort to earn certain qualifications and special powers in the gaming ecosystem.


And in the case of such games that involve deadly weapons or fancy cars, it takes even more effort to earn certain types of accessories and heavy weapons that can give us an advantage over our competitors in combat.


But all of this can be shut down, just by one button, if the owner of the game decided to shut shop.


But now this is turning, blockchain technology is constantly changing the world of gaming, and because of its decentralization there is no owner there is no central authority that controls the network.


And to make it better now, NFTs came into blockchain gaming.

What are NFTs?


What are NFTs?


If you are active in the crypto space then you knew that NFTs are becoming more and more famous in our daily lives. Now, if you want to know about the basics of NFTs, you can check this blog, in a crux, NFTs are digital collectibles on the blockchain that are uniquely defined.


And this feature of them makes it more suitable for gamers to use them in their games to represent their characters or other assets.


How do NFT games come into space?


It was all started in 2017 when the game Cryptokitties came out, and its success has stunned the world. just for reference, the most valuable cat ever sold in the game was worth $117,000, which shows the power of decentralized gaming In the early days of NFTs. Cryptokitties were one of the examples of how they were used in the context of a game item.


And right now, NFTs are totally mixed with the world of games and finance and it is providing a great opportunity to earn income as they play.


There are many games available in the market and now, if you want to play any NFT-based game, you don't have to depend only on victory, finding, or breeding a unique collectible, and that is worth a lot of money, in fact now you can choose models on different themes instead.


How does it work?


How does it work?


In comparison to simply keeping your crypto-collectibles in your wallet, NFT games are more interactive and different. An NFT game will use NFTs in its rules, mechanisms, and player interactions. They were easy to move and they also did have not any of the problems that come with centralized gaming.


The authenticity of NFT can also be proven into the blockchain and above all, it also creates a trading ecosystem in the world of video games.


For example, a game could represent one of your unique characters or avatars as an NFT. NFTs can also be found in digital items that you come across while playing the game or you can exchange your NFTs with other players in order to make money.


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This is how an NFT game works.


There are lots and lots of NFT games available in all the major blockchains, some of them give you the feel of traditional games while some of them are NFT collection based, and both of them are becoming quite popular now.


NFT gaming is becoming a thing now and if you have decided to jump into the NFT space it is the best time for you to invest.


You can start investing in the top three CNFT projects now to make money in 2022 based on what you want to do with your money.


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