How to mint CNFTs?

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Have you known of Claire Elise Boucher, the former girlfriend of Elon Musk, she sold an NFT for 5.8 million dollars, and Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, sold his NFT for 2.9 million dollars, and there are many stories where people have sold their NFTs at a very high price.


And if you’ll ask me that, I am telling you only about famous people; that’s not it, recently, an Indonesian boy sold his everyday selfies for around one million dollars, and with that, many not-so-famous people are also making a lot of money through minting their NFTs.


So, a few months ago, while trying to buy an NFT, I suddenly realized that why not mint my own NFT? 


However, minting NFTs on Ethereum is very expensive, obviously because of the gas fee. So I chose Cardano,


Cardano was one of the top blockchains available there, and it is currently one of the most promising in terms of NFTs, aside from Ethereum.


So, in this blog, I'm going to tell you about a few websites where you can easily mint your CNFTs at a very low cost.



1. Minterr

2. Easycnft

3. Tokhun

4. NFT Maker Pro


Mark my word, NFTs are here to stay.


Well, what is an NFT? NFT provides an irreplaceable proof-of-ownership of art, music, and all other digital assets, and with it, artists earn millions from music, collectibles, and designs.


But can you make your own NFTs and earn money?


The answer is, yes, You can mint NFTs, in fact, anyone can mint NFTs on the Cardano blockchain and can earn money. All you have to do is be aware of tools where you can mint, and it can be a far better approach than buying and selling CNFTs if you are an artist.


So, let’s start,


So, the first one on my list is Minterr,


1. Minterr


How to mint CNFTs? - Minterr


Minterr is a Cardano-based NFT minting platform that allows you to mint your Cardano token at a very cheap rate. It is an explorer and minting platform for CNFTs.


First and foremost, when you try to mint, they will give you a seed phrase for you NFT, write down this seed phrase on a piece of paper, it will help in any case of trouble.


After that, you have to send some ADA, this is partially refundable. Then you have to enter your address, choose NFT option, then upload your file, and that's all. 


You've successfully minted your token; it's that simple.


Through this, you can truly own an NFT in Cardano space.


Now second on my list is EasyCnft,


2. EasyCnft


How to mint CNFTs? - EasyCnft


As the name implies, it is one of the simplest ways to mint your NFT.


Easycnft offers two options. The first is Single CNFT, which allows you to mint your own single NFT. The second option is flash CNFT, which allows you to create and submit your CNFT series.


Now, First and foremost, you must register with a valid email address.


It’s a simple process.


So, after logging into easycnft, the first thing you must do is create a new NFT.


They will generate a new ticket id for you; write it down, keep it, and don't lose it because this ID will help you in case of trouble when you publish your token.


You must also enter your wallet address and click the next button.


After you've entered your address, all you have to do is upload your NFT along with some additional information, then, you must send some ADA for them to mint your NFT.


And that's all there is to it; you've successfully minted an NFT in the Cardano space.


So it is easy, isn’t it?


But the third one is one of the most important NFT minting platforms because it is also one of the most famous marketplaces in the Cardano space,


3. Tokhun


How to mint CNFTs? - Tokhun


Tokhun is now known as an NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain, and it is currently the third most important market in terms of size, but it was originally started as an NFT minting platform.


Now to mint an NFT in Tokhun first and foremost, you must create an account on it.


Creating an account is very simple, you just have to click on it and follow the steps. You have also to make a password phrase which will be used when you 


Now, after creating an account,


As you can see, they have an explore section, a marketplace section, and a create section.


Now, let's go to create. They have two options, the first of which is NFT and the second of which is Fungible token.


Let's stick with NFTs for now, 


Then they will give you a form to fill out,


Now after filling in all of this information it will ask for you, all you have to do is mint.


It will ask you for a minting fee of less than $5, which you must pay, and your NFT will be minted on the Cardano blockchain.


This is one of the smoothest ways to mint your NFT,


Now at last we have one of the most important NFT minting platforms in the Cardano space.


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4. NFT maker pro


How to mint CNFTs? - NFT Maker Pro


So, the process of NFT maker pro is the same as all of the other platforms,


First of all, you have to create an account,


As you login into this, you will see a dashboard like this; in its sidebar, you will see many options, 


But to create NFTs you have to choose an NFT project,


Then you have to click on create a new project, now you have to fill this form, just like we did in past websites, and that’s it,


You can create your CNFT very easily.


So, these are some of the sites you can choose to mint a CNFT in Cardano space.

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