How can you get some rare CNFT on Cardano?

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The world is going crazy over NFTs, in this arena new records are made and broken every single day.


Almost no day goes by without someone mentioning that a new collection of digital art has minted an NFT token and somebody has made a lot of money selling that digital thing into the crypto space.


And people are actually looking for how to make money from NFTs, to get their hands into this awesome phenomenon.


In this blog, we are going to find out some of the exciting tools which help you to find the rarest of the rarest NFTs in the Cardano blockchain.


What is an NFT?


Rarity tools of Cardano NFTs


Analytics site of cardano NFTs


Calendars of Cardano NFTs


What is an NFT?

What is an NFT?


NFT (Non-Fungible Token), is a unique digital art that holds value as an asset in this vast crypto space. It could be anything, it could be art, it could be music, it could be dog sound, photo of your car, I mean literally it could be anything.


Now, these NFTs are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I am sure you might be thinking about how you can get your hands on one of these valuable NFTs, and how you can earn money from NFTs.


so without delay, let’s dive into it and understand what are some tools to get rare NFTs in the Cardano ecosystem.


Rarity tools of Cardano NFTs - Rarity tools of Cardano NFTs


It is one of the most used CNFT tools available in the Cardano ecosystem, and it gives you a whole bunch of information related to Cardano-based NFT projects.


As you open its website, a list of all the major CNFT projects will come in front of you, where you can choose the project which you like.


let’s take an example of clay nation.


You can check the rarity of any clay nation NFT according to its background, body, hairs, clothes, accessories, and all the other related tags.


And you can also get information about this project like transaction history, date, amount, and marketplace, all in one place. You can shortlist your NFTs from this site. - Rarity tools of Cardano NFTs


It is also a CNFT based tool used to check the rarity of any CNFT.


You can check all the important CNFT projects on the drop-down list and you can select your favorite project accordingly.


When you select your projects from that list, the entire project-related information comes in front of you where all the NFTs are arranged according to their ranks.


And all the information about NFTs can be viewed on the right side of the website,


And just like tokenref, you can check the rarity rank of that particular NFT and its tags, according to your need.


Analytics site of cardano NFTs - Analytics site of cardano NFTs


Its user interface is a little childlike but it is the most used site to check all the data, related to NFTs in Cardano.


You can see, 24-hour volume and how much ADA spent on that.


You can see the total trading volume and the list of top projects based on ADA volume and their total sales. - Analytics site of cardano NFTs


This is the general and user-friendly version of Cnftanalytics.


It is the best tool to get all the real-time information about Cardano-based NFT projects in one frame. is the most simple and easy-to-use analytics platform.


You can see all the important metrics of NFTs like its trading volume, floor price, wallet holders, asset hold, asset minted, etc all of the NFT related information in one place. gets the information from all the major projects and marketplace and provides you with all the information in the easiest and user-friendly manner.


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Calendars of Cardano NFTs - Calendars of Cardano NFTs


On this website, you can check information regarding the launching and dropping of NFTs in the Cardano ecosystem.


On this website, you can see the NFTs dropping this week, or next week, their names, time, and social media handles.


All the major events are also covered by this website under the upcoming events section,


And along with that, it has also given information like what are NFTs and how to buy, view, mint, sell NFTs, and most importantly how to avoid fakes. - Calendars of Cardano NFTs


This is another site which you can check the date and time of NFT drop, just like but this is more users friendly and easy to use.


On its home screen, you can see the list of confirmed drops that are about to happen in a few days, and by clicking on any of these NFTs, you can get all the information related to that NFT, like you can get its price, mintage quantity, its website, and social media handles.


And just like, it has all the features related to CNFTs. 


these are some tools that can help you to find the best NFTs in the Cardano ecosystem.




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