Cardano NFTs : Tools to choose the best and early CNFTs

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NFTs are probably the most loved and the most hated thing on the internet right now, and I can understand why people are kind of annoying to it.


But NFTs aren't just JPEGs. They're a piece of technology that could change a lot of things in our daily lives, and eventually the world, and among them, Cardano is stealing the show by its negligible gas fees and awesome NFT projects.


Cardano NFTs or CNFTs are going mainstream rapidly, but before it fully gains their speed, you should know a few tools about CNFTs that will help you to find the best and early CNFT projects that will help you to become an early bird, and this blog is all about that.




Rarity tools

Daily Analytics



So, I am gonna do this,


I am gonna tell you each tool and its specifications that will eventually help you to narrow down the path of your dream NFT, and if you want the basics of NFTs, you can read this, I have explained everything about NFTs there.


Let’s start with rarity tools,


Rarity tools


Rarity tools are fantastic websites for finding new mints, as well as undervalued rare NFTs,


The first one on my list is,,






It is one of the most used CNFT tools available in the Cardano ecosystem, and it gives you a whole bunch of information related to Cardano-based NFT projects.


As you open this website, a list of all of the major CNFT projects which are are available in the Cardano ecosystem will come in front of you,


And if you want to find a particular NFT project, you can choose it and visit its link on its home page.


Let’s check NFTs of clay nation for example.


By clicking on the link of clay nation you will be redirected to ClayNation NFT page of Tokenref.


On this page, you can see categories of Recently listed in which you can see the list of all the clay nation NFTs which are currently listed,


And in the Recently sold section you can check NFTs that have been sold in the market.


You can get all the information just below the NFTs, and by clicking on the NFT you can get some more information, like transaction history, date, amount, and marketplace, all in one place.


And under its rarity rank, you can see the rarity percentage of all the related tags of this NFT, like its background, body, hairs, clothes, accessories, and other related tags,


And with each tag, you can check its rarity percentage which helps you to find the best NFTs among others.


Now let’s talk about all the tabs which help you to find the best NFTs.


The first one is Rarity,


If you want to check about any specific tag, you can directly jump to that tag after clicking on the rarity option.


Another tap is the explorer tab, where you can set the parameters and check about any particular NFT of that project.


In NFT for sale option, you can get the list of NFTs which are currently on sale.


And of course, you can get all of the NFT related data by clicking sales data.


Another one is,





It is also a CNFT based tool used to check the rarity of any CNFT.


You can check all the important CNFT projects on the drop-down list and you can select your favourite project accordingly.


When you select your projects in that list, the entire project related information comes in front of you.


And all the NFTs are arranged according to their ranks.


Now if you click on any of these NFTs, all the information about NFTs can be viewed on the right side of the website,


And just like tokenref, you can check the rarity rank of that particular NFT and its tags, according to your need.


You can also check the rarity percentage of body, eyes, mouth, hairs, and all the other attributes of that NFT.


If you want to check any particular NFT you can set all the parameters in the panel which is provided on the left side of this website to get a more specific result, just like tokenref.



CNFT.TOOLS is one of the best sites available there to find any rare NFTs.


Data Analytics


Now another category is of analytics tools and first one is,




This is the general and user-friendly version of Cnftanalytics.


It is the best tool to get all the real-time information about Cardano-based NFT projects. is the most simple and easy-to-use analytics platform.


You can see all the important metrics of NFTs like its trading volume, floor price, wallet holders, asset hold, asset minted etc all of the NFT related information in one place. gets the information from all of the major projects and all major marketplace and provides you with the easiest and most user-friendly manner.




Its user interface is a little childlike but it is the most used site to check all the data related to NFTs in Cardano.


You can see, 24-hour volume and ADA spent on that, and you can see the total trading volume to date and how much ADA spent on that.


And through this website, you can check all the important data related to NFTs like,


the list of top projects based on ADA volume and what are the total sales of NFTs.


in top sales, in this, you can check about the top NFT sales.


And in marketplace you can get all the information about CNFT market.






On this website, you can check information regarding the launching and dropping of NFTs in the Cardano ecosystem.


Here on its home page, you can see the NFTs dropping this week, or next week, their names, time, and social media handles.


By clicking on any NFT you can directly visit that particular website of NFT.


And you can also get all the information of future NFTs in its available and soon section.


All the major events are also covered by this website under the upcoming events section,


And along with that it has also given information like what are NFTs and how to buy, view, mint, sell NFTs and most importantly how to avoid fakes.


And if you have any project listed you can list that on its website for promotions.




This is another site where you can check the date and time of NFT drop, just like wencnft but this is more user-friendly and easy to use.


On its home screen, you can see the list of confirmed drops that are about to happen in a few days, and by clicking on any of these NFTs, you can get all the information related to that NFT, like you can get its price, mintage quantity, its website, and social media handles.


And just like wencnft, it has all the features related to CNFTs.


so this is all the tools about CNFTs, have you used any of it, let me know in the comment section.


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