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BAT crypto’s price closed at around $0.6 in July 2021, and BAT price predictions of the past show more than a 300% rise from January 1st, 2021. Over time, Basic Attention Token (BAT) has risen to a noticeable position in the list of cryptocurrencies.


Its BAT integrated browser has 30+ million monthly active users, and 10+ million daily users, and approximately 1 million content creator has accepted BAT, and this quality makes BAT one of the most successful alt-coin project in the crypto world.


In this blog, we are going to discuss how it is changing the world of advertisement, a general idea about Basic Attention Token, BAT coin, and its ambitious project called BRAVE browser.


What are the Basic attention token (BAT) and BRAVE browser?

What are the goals of BAT crypto?

Is BAT a good project?

How to earn BAT token?

Is Basic Attention Token a good investment?

Should I invest in BAT cryptocurrency?

What are your thoughts on the BAT coin?



“Advertisement”, all the things on the internet revolves around this one name; it was, is, and will be the most important and critical revenue models for online businesses. 


Some research suggests that the world has $400B advertisement industries, and maximum of them are governed by some famous giants like Google and Facebook. These giants have approximately 2 to 3 billion users, and because of it, various businesses crush over these platforms to promote their products.

Have you ever thought about getting money just by watching advertisements.


I am sure you've never heard about it. In this blog, we’ll discuss the power of ad and what is it for us as viewers, we'll discuss all this in-depth and I am sure, after reading this blog. you will definitely change your viewing and surfing experience of the internet.

We’ll also discuss that investing your time and money in BAT token is feasible or not, so read this till the end.

What are the Basic attention token (BAT) and BRAVE browser?


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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum blockchain-based utility token found by Brenden Eich,


Yes!! You are right, the same guy who is the co-founder of Mozilla, Javascript, and Firefox, so you don’t have to worry about its lawfulness, trust me, this project is founded by one of the best minds we have in this world and has several big names.

If we look at the advertisement world then, there are three major players in advertisement just like the triangle of the BAT cryptocurrency logo.

  1. Users

  2. Advertisers

  3. Creators



Advertisers are selling their products on the video of creator and get commission from the publishers, so both the parties, advertisers and creators are involved in money transactions, but what do users get? Nothing.


Users spent their time, their data, and their money, and in return they got nothing,  plus Advertisements slow-down the websites, decrease the battery life of phones and uses up to 50% of the total mobile data on an average.


And they didn't stop on that, these big giant companies took this to another level in order to maximize user attention. What did they do? They have started researching the private data and internet searches of their users and gave all these data for AI to understand the behavioral patterns. This is bad, right. So to overcome this challenges people needed a fast, privacy-oriented browser. BAT understands this and came up with its own browser BRAVE.


BAT is the token here integrated into its browser named BRAVE, which is solely dedicated itself to provide privacy to the users. It has an inbuilt ad-blocking facility which stops the advertisement traffic automatically.


With the current data, It has doubled the number of its users and passes around 30+ million Monthly Active Users over the years, currently, they have 10+ million daily users with 1 million verified creators.


BAT can be earned by viewers just by viewing ads. But this is optional and whenever users want they can block ads completely. Also through Brave, fans or random people who take interest in some particular content creators and publishers can tip them with BAT.


Basic Attention Token has:


1. Brave Browser: It is a fast, open-source, privacy-oriented browser that has in-built capability to block advertisements, malware websites, and trackers. It also captures user attention to provide rewards.

2. BAT token: The Basic Attention Token can be used as a currency to tip the content creators or in advertising of earning rewards; it can be exchanged between publishers or content creators, advertisers, and users.

3. Brave Wallet: Brave Wallet is an indigenous wallet of the BAT ecosystem, you can buy BAT crypto with credit and debit cards, crypto assets, and more, it also has DeFi and NFT support.


Like any other browser, the Brave browser also knows where its users spent their time, calculate and reward accordingly. Users can watch advertisements in return for a BAT utility token.


The basic idea is, users should have the power to decide whether they want to watch advertisements or not. Users can see fewer and relevant ads according to their interests.


What are the goals of BAT crypto?

The major goals of BAT crypto

BAT is a short form of Basic Attention Token; the main objective of BAT crypto is to create an ecosystem in which the users, advertisers, and publishers can connect with each other in an equal manner. The important aspect of BAT is to monetize user attention. The main goal is:-


    1. To remove middlemen from the advertisement chain.

    2. Rewards users, advertisers, and publishers.

    3. You can get paid just by watching ads.

    4. Publishers also can get a cut in their ad expenses as returns.

    5. Return on Investment benefit to advertisers.

Is BAT a good project?

With some ifs and buts i think BAT is a good project. It has its utility token that can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users on the BAT platform.


How to earn BAT token?


    1. You have to download and install the Brave Browser. You get it from Installers are available for android, windows, macOS, and Linux.

    2. There is a small slideshow about importing bookmarks, ad blocking, setting search engines, and Brave rewards.

    3. Brave rewards should be in our focus, that’s where the Basic Attention token comes in.

    4. You have to enable Brave rewards and this can be achieved by a simple click of a button. And you are ready to buy or spent BAT tokens. You can earn it by watching ads on sites.


Is Basic Attention Token a good investment?


BAT is good investment or not?


BAT has the ability to take advertisement world to another level. It is attacking the online advertising market, which makes it a competitor of a big giant of the internet i.e. Google, Facebook, etc. 

BAT has excellent potential:

  1. The user base of the Brave browser is continuously increasing.

  2. Brave browser is fast and reliable.

  3. It has the ability to compete with the various other mainstream browsers like Google Chrome.


I think it has a very bright future ahead.


Should I invest in BAT cryptocurrency?


Should we invest in BAT cryptocurrency?


BAT is available in all the major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, you can buy it from there. It is around $0.6 at the time of writing according to coinmarketcap and it has a market capitalization of around $936 million, which makes it #80 in the top 100 cryptocurrencies.

About investment, well Brave’s BAT has been very unpredictable, so you should be extra careful if you want to buy BAT crypto. There is no doubt that at start it was one of the fastest-selling coins ever.


It is widely anticipated by experts that by the end of 2021, it will cross the $1 mark. Various cryptocurrency prediction sites have said that BAT has the capacity to reach around $5 around 2025. But as I said BAT is very unpredictable and all these price predictions are a little overwhelmed, you should do your own research before investing money into BAT.

But one thing is sure BAT’s inventions and solutions in the Blockchain area have a positive impact on BAT coin.


What are your thoughts on the BAT coin?


In this severe instability period, various coins were suffering from major turmoil, BAT was one of the less damaged coins and this shows that it has the capacity to hold itself in such bizarre trends.


Over the years internet advertisement has suffered and paralyzed. Various middlemen came into the picture which makes it even more complex, the use of trackers and bots is also the main concern for publishers and advertisers.


Well for the first time in the age of the internet, someone has given a thought about the user. BAT ensure that the user’s private data and tracking information is stored only on the user’s device which makes it more secure and sooner or later, people going to realize that these big giant companies are not doing any good for them and they have to shift themselves from such big browsers to Brave like a privacy-oriented browser.


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