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Top 5 Solana launchpads in 2022

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Cryptocurrency is encroaching on our world, creating the road for startups and businesses to invest in blockchain technology.


One such cryptocurrency project is Solana.


Solana is a public blockchain that attempts to replace Ethereum as the main platform for dApp creation.


Dapps are coming into Solana at full pace and with that, some of Solana's launchpads are also making lots of noise these days. Launchpads are the platform that is used by new projects to raise capital and in return, they give access to their early-stage tokens to the investors.


In this blog, we are going to look at some of its launchpads, which will help you to find some undervalued Solana projects at an early stage.


1. Solstarter

2. Raydium

3. Boca Chica

4. Solcubator

5. Starlaunch


Solana is one of the top 5 crypto projects in the world and the thing which makes it unique is the proof of history consensus, which was developed by Anatoly Yakovenko.


But today’s topic is not about that.


Today’s topic is, how Solana launchpads are making news to launch some of the awesome projects through IDO.


But first, do you know what exactly an IDO is?


If you want to know, I've written a short blog on it, which you can read here, and if you already know what it is, let's get started.


1. Solstarter


Top 5 Solana launchpads in 2022 - Solstarter


The community's first IDO platform for Solana


Solstarter empowers launchpad projects to raise liquidity in a fair and decentralized manner.


The thing which make it unique is its lottery system,


Solstarter uses a lottery system to guarantee winners a guaranteed allocation of the pool.


It is a fair and simple process; its allocations are split evenly, and those allocations are given to successful applicants.


One thing that sets apart Solstarter is, it has a great sense of choosing projects,


There are many projects like that, lined up in this launchpad.


2. Raydium


Top 5 Solana launchpads in 2022 - Raydium


Apart from providing features like trade, yield, and liquidity pool, Raydium also provides the launchpad for the projects.


Raydium has 1.7 billion dollars of total value locked in its vault and has done more than 36 billion dollars worth of total trading.


Raydium’s launchpad is for new projects to raise capital and for the community to participate in new Solana projects launches. you can see the list of all of the projects which use the Raydium as a launchpad to accelerate their product.


And after doing your own research you can invest in them.


3. Boca Chica


Top 5 Solana launchpads in 2022 - Boca Chica


Boca Chica is the premier IDO platform that uses the power of near blockchain and a consensus algorithm to provide a unique frictionless and safe Fundraising Avenue for retail and capital investors.


Right now they have 100+ partner validators, more than 100 applications submitted for validations, 4 projects were approved and above all, they have raised more than 600 thousand dollars till today. Which is a massive massive thing.


The partners of boca chika include some famous names from the crypto industries,


4. Solcubator


Top 5 Solana launchpads in 2022 - Solcubator


Solcubator is a permissionless and community-governed launchpad for Solana.


It allows,


1. Projects to raise liquidity in a secure and decentralized way.

2. Investors filter through the messy landscape to reap the fruits of a growing ecosystem.


Now, why choose Solcubator?


As the Solana ecosystem grows, more and more projects are expected to pop out of nowhere.


And to protect investors’ funds and save legitimate projects from inconvenient hurdles of the presale, Solcubator offers a secure platform where the community is in total control of the presale process of a project.


All and all Solcubator is a permissionless, Decentralized, and community-governed launchpad, which provides guaranteed allocations of tokens and secure and instant DEX listing.


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5. Starlaunch


Top 5 Solana launchpads in 2022 - Starlaunch


Starlaunch is a launchpad and incubator for Solana blockchain projects, connecting them to the community of backers.


One thing that may surprise you is, Starlaunch is the product of Cardstarter, Cardstarter is altogether a very famous launchpad that works on the Cardano ecosystem. the team of Cardstarter made Starlaunch, scalable, predictable, affordable, and blazing fast.


If I talk about its feature then,


Starlauch works on two token models, first one is the $STARS token, which is used for staking and it generates the second type of token hydrazine or $N2H4, this token is used for early contribution access to vetted IDOs launching.


It has a propulsion program that includes token engineering, security, audits, frontend, socials, awareness, and branding.


And of course, it has an insurance program. and they have made their token deflationary.


So these are some of the best launchpads of the Solana blockchain.

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