Top 5 Best NFT Games To Play & Earn Cryptocurrency

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2021 was the year of NFTs, whether it is bored ape or beeple(Mike Winkelmann) or any other NFT project,  


You might have heard NFTs being sold for as high as freaking $69 Million, of course, you have, and it has also become a multi-billionaire market in just a few years.


And with its inception, new NFT games are coming into the blockchain space with trends because not only are NFT games entertaining, but they also provide value to users.


Are you still wondering what is this all buzz about NFT games?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. Let’s look at five top NFT based games which have high potential in terms of growth.


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NFTs are becoming a sensational cutting edge phenomenon in this booming blockchain era and it is spreading its wings in almost every part of decentralized finance.


And one aspect of this technology is, it can be used to make games even more fun to play, and this aspect has led us to Gaming-themed NFTs.


The best NFT games use this technology in the mechanics of their gameplay, giving the experience a whole new twist on the genre. I have written about NFT games in detail here.




There are lots and lots of game companies using this NFT in the mechanics of their games and giving a whole new experience of this genre.  Players and game developers can make money by selling in-game items with NFTs. This is good for both players and game developers.


Let’s talk about some of them,






ULTRA is the world's first entertainment platform to bring together a diverse range of game industry services in one location.


And because of its blockchain technology, all of the stuff you purchase from Ultra, including games, DLCs, and virtual objects, is completely yours to own and control entirely within your own hands.


There are a variety of games to find, purchase, and play in ULTRA, as well as live-streaming feeds, the ability to communicate with your favorite influencers, the ability to enter contests, the ability to compete in tournaments, and much more.


You have complete control over what you do with them. If you have any assets to sell, trade, or give away to your friends within Ultra, or even outside Ultra, you can do so through 3rd party marketplaces and mobile applications.


On top of that, the Ultra platform has opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for the developers out there. Its software development toolkit enables game and application creators to add new features and mechanics to their products, while also improving their overall performance.


All and all, ultra is in a way to transform the global gaming market of 170 billion dollars by leveling the playing field, which involves developers, players, streamers, investors, and everyone in the ecosystem.


According to CMC, it is ranked #157 with a market capitalization of $248 million and a price of about 0.8 at the time of writing this blog.






In other games, you may spend endless hours playing and hundreds of dollars on in-game assets, but all of these things may be taken away with the press of a button.


GALA entered the crypto industry in order to change that.


Gala is a blockchain gaming platform that features a variety of simple-to-play enjoyable games.


And what makes GALA unique is that you retain complete control over all of your in-game assets, and you can freely swap your in-game assets, such as your skin, weapon, guns, and other stuff, with your friends.


GALA is fueled by its native utility token, GALA, which is used for both transactional and remuneration purposes. 


According to CMC, it is ranked #67 with a market capitalization of $1.2 billion and a price of about 0.18 at the time of writing this blog.






Sandbox is one of the most advanced initiatives in the virtual metaverse.


Consider this project's partners: Snoop Dogg, the Smurfs, Hell's Kitchen, Deadmau, and Atari, to name a few. All of them are already in the Sandbox, and a slew of new projects have expressed interest in the Sandbox in the aftermath of the recent metaverse currency explosion.


Sandbox enables the world's artists and creators to develop their very own gaming platform, just as they've always imagined in their dreams.


The unique feature of Sandbox is that it allows you to create, enjoy, own, and even sell your own virtual experiences.


And at this moment, Sandbox is in high demand due to its Land and Land Maps. Lands are essentially virtual tokens that reflect the sandbox Metaverse's physical parcels.


The Sandbox utility token "SAND" will enable inventors with extremely secure copyright ownership. 


According to CMC, it is ranked #42 with a market capitalization of $2.7 billion and a price of about 2.97 at the time of writing this blog.


These are some of the more well-known projects, but let's discuss some of the lesser-known projects that have the potential to become big NFT gaming ventures in the future.






NFT champions is a next-generation blockchain game built on Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine is the world's most powerful real-time 3D production tool.


And the crew behind the NFT champion is comprised of experienced game developers who have previously worked on high-profile titles such as Halo, Fortnite, and World of Warcraft.


Also Read: Everything You Need To Know About NFT Games


NFT champions is a free-to-play NFT-based video game in which players can play, train, fight, explore, discover, and connect with others in a metaverse.


In NFT champions you can,

  • Win tournaments and online matches.

  • Beat players in online raid events.

  • Buy and hold land or NFTs.

  • Train and evolve NFTs to increase their resale value.

  • Buy and trade rare NFTs.


According to CMC, its market capitalization is $3 million dollars and a price of about 0.12 at the time of writing this blog.






MonkeyBall is the next-generation play-to-earn esports metaverse, allowing players to create, play, compete, and earn within its ecosystem.


Monekyball's mission is to provide an interesting play-to-earn soccer game that is simple to pick up yet difficult to master.


It is built on the Solana blockchain and combines high production value with multiplayer game choices, as well as NFT and decentralized finance services.


In terms of NFTs, MonkeyBall introduced the monkey NFT, in which each player was assigned a unique NFT of a monkey with a cool appearance, trainable powers, and special components. Each monkey serves a distinct purpose in the game.


According to CMC, its market capitalization is $15 million dollars and a price of about 0.14, at the time of writing this blog.





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